Ah Miu | Rock N Roll

圍住阿Miu身邊的都是夾Band朋友和紋身藝術家,她的頭髮長期染紅色,因為她相信水晶師和她說過「紅色旺佢」,喜歡隨便率性的打扮,是Dr Martens的粉絲。阿Miu常說:「男兒口大食四方,女仔咀大路茫茫」,希望一身紅能令自己逢凶化吉。

People around Ah Miu are either in a rock band or know how to tattoo. Her hair is always red, because she believes what a crystal teller once told her – that red was her colour. Usually her style is quite casual and easy, and you’ll always see her in a pair of Dr. Martens. She’s determined that her loud mouth is a bad thing rather than good, and that’s why she covers herself in red hoping that it’ll counter her bad luck.
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