Ning喜歡收藏古董娃娃,也一直在自學製作屬於她個人風格的娃娃。2011年出版雙語書藉《私收藏》一書,於香港,巴黎(Colette)及米蘭(Corso Como)發售,不單蒐集了她的娃娃收藏,更展現她的時裝珍藏包括:Hermes, Dries Van Noten, Maison Martin Margiela等等。

該書由中國版Vogue編輯總監Angelica Cheung小姐提筆:「時裝圈不少人都有這樣那樣的有關個人項目的想法,但是像Ning這樣付諸實行的不多,這種熱忱讓我非常佩服。我們都是徹底的時裝愛好者,而這本書也是寫給志趣相投的時裝愛好者的。」

Ning collects vintage dolls and the book <My Treasures> was published in 2011, this bilingual book covers chapters of vintage dolls, fashion shoes, paper dolls as well as her collection of Hermes, Dries Van Noten and Maison Martin Margiela. It was distributed in Hong Kong, Paris (Colette) and Milan (Corso Cormo).

“Many People in the fashion business have all kinds of personal project ideas, but they seldom complete them like Ning has done.  This kind of enthusiasm is very impressive.  We are true fashion lovers, and this book is dedicated to other fashion lovers out there.” Foreword of this book by Ms Angelica Cheung, Editorial Director of Vogue China.