Lela–是位文青,愛攝影、野餐、看書和醉心下廚,偶然會參與一些非牟利流浪貓保護組織的活動,最大志願是辭職去流浪,打算錢花光後便重新找工作、儲錢、 旅行/流浪,然後結合自己的插畫推出旅遊書。

You could call Lela a hipster. She loves photography, picnics, reading and especially cooking, and sometimes you’ll find her at non-profit animal rights gatherings. Her dream is to quit her job and just travel around the world. If she uses up her money, she’ll find a job and save up to start the cycle again, and eventually publish a book of her travel illustrations.


旁邊的是靚女OL Sophie