KOL Kiki

她叫Kiki,是位完全唔紅的KOL,不過她夠勤力也充滿正能量,所有event / party都看見其蹤影,臉書Instagram每日update,早過其他同grade的KOL開17 account,也是第一批玩Live Stream的人,最輝煌的戰績是4219人同時在看她直播。

Her name is Kiki, a KOL wannabe, but her hard work and positivity makes up for it, and you’ll see her at all the events and parties, updating her social media platforms anytime she can. She was one of the earliest KOLs to dive into the new live streaming app 17, thus achieving her proudest moment yet – having 4219 people watch one of her live streams.