Mia | film maker

Mia是位助理電影美指,要找場地找道具找古董之類她最在行,曾經跟「阿叔」學習電影美指好幾年,學得最多的是與大人物相處及待人接物。身邊很多朋友對Mia會追看TVB 8:30和9:30兩套劇集而感到匪而所思,她卻認為任何畫面都啟發性,看下無妨。

As a filmmaker, Mia’s the best at finding things – locations, props, antiques, you name it. She was an assistant of a renowned artistic director in Hong Kong for a few years, but what she got out of it was how to deal with stars and some people relation skills. A lot of her friends are puzzled about her habit of catching those TVB dramas. But she herself thinks that anything visual could be inspirational, so why not?
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