Chloe | Vintage lover

出生於富裕家庭的Chloe,爸爸是名錶集團總裁,媽媽嫁了後便沒有打過工,對時裝最有研究,Chloe小時候也愛看媽媽的外國Vogue時裝雜誌,現在更經常借媽媽的vintage Chanel Dior Valentino襯American Apparel。性格文靜低調有教養有品味,於時裝品牌做Marketing,不過這都是累積經驗,為了日後回去幫daddy做生意作好準備。

Coming from a well-off family in the luxury watches business, she never really had to worry about money. That’s why her passion lies in fashion, and since young she’s been looking over her mum’s shoulder at her Vogue magazines, borrowing vintage Chanel, Dior and Valentino pieces from her mum’s wardrobe to match her American Apparel pieces. Working in the marketing department of a fashion brand, Chloe’s a quiet and soft girl that’s also quite classy. In the long run though, she’ll go back to work in daddy’s business when she has enough experience under her belt.



喱士裙是媽媽的vintage Valentino