Susan | Travel Blogger 

Susan 是位旅遊達人,平時最喜歡與三五知己食high tea,分享旅行時的點點滴滴。每次去旅行,除了第一時間upload旅行相上facebook和instagram之外,她亦有拍菲林曬相的習慣,將所有相放在珍藏的小包包內,感覺好滿足。雖然常常周圍飛,她最喜歡的地方還是香港,因為這是她的家。 她將會邀請她所有朋友參加三月份的娃娃展覽,有興趣和她見面嗎? 展覽地點:山頂廣場 1/3-10/4 

Susan is a travel expert. She loves enjoying high tea with her friends and sharing interesting encounters from her travel adventures. Everytime she travels, besides uploading her photos to Facebook and Instagram immediately, she also has the habit of developing the photos in film and then put them into her precious pouch.  Although she flies all the time, her favorite place is still Hong Kong as this is her home place.