Hong Kong Ballet’s virtual ambassadors

香港芭蕾舞團聯乘娃娃藝術家 Ning Lau 推出全新虛擬宣傳大使

[香港—2020 年 11 月] 香港芭蕾舞團宣布首次推出虛擬宣傳大使,並邀得本地娃 娃藝術家 Ning Lau 為舞團設計及製作三個品牌角色──分別以舞團英文簡稱 H、K、B 起名 Holly、 Kay 及 Beatrice。她們將活躍於社交媒體平台,積極分享有關舞團及芭蕾舞的資訊,為舞團多姿 多采的網上宣傳企劃增添新趣味。

由 Ning Lau 全人手縫製,結合舞團提供的創意念頭,概念嶄新的虛擬宣傳大使角色由此誕生。 三個角色有著獨一無二的個性、背景故事、臉部特徵、時尚服飾,擁有多元立體的面貌,仿若現 實世界的芭蕾少女、舞蹈愛好者、及專業舞蹈員。她們到排舞室探訪舞團舞蹈員,與觀眾分享對 舞蹈的熱忱、展示芭蕾之美。

Ning Lau 分享合作感想:「一直像和芭蕾有種聯繫,可能就像每位女孩都曾經憧憬自己像音樂 盒的芭蕾舞者,小時候很想學跳芭蕾舞,可惜機會都是擦身而過。我認為這次和香港芭蕾舞團的 合作是天造之合,芭蕾舞和手工藝術有很多共通之處,必須要不斷磨練、不斷嘗試,有熱誠熱愛 這種藝術,不放棄尋求創新。希望藉此合作機會把喜歡不同藝術範疇的觀眾連在一起。」

舞團市場推廣總監陳剛濤稱:「這次很高興與著名娃娃藝術家 Ning 合作,她精湛的工藝和對藝 術的熱愛啟發了我們所有人。我們希望透過 Holly、Kay 和 Beatrice,鼓勵更多人欣賞芭蕾舞藝 術和參與舞團的活動。創作角色的過程很有趣,我們迫不及待在社交媒體向大家介紹她們!」

其中一個虛擬宣傳大使 Beatrice 率先於 10 月在舞團的社交媒體驚喜亮相,搖身一變成《唐吉訶 德》女主角琪蒂,迎接舞迷期待已久的 2020/21 舞季開鑼作。此外,Holly 和 Kay 亦快將於舞團 的 Facebook 和 Instagram 面世。憑藉栩栩如生的角色性格和故事,舞團盼能引起大眾共鳴,讓 更多不同年齡、地域的人士接觸芭蕾藝術。三個虛擬大使都擁有自己的 Instagram 帳戶──立即 關注她們! @hkb_beatrice @hkb_holly @hkb_kay

Hong Kong Ballet Unveils New Virtual Ambassadors In collaboration with doll artist Ning Lau

[Hong Kong—November 2020] Hong Kong Ballet (HKB) proudly announces its innovative new virtual ambassadors—Holly, Kay and Beatrice—custom-made by local doll artist Ning Lau. With each character’s English name intentionally starting with H, K and B, HKB’s first-ever brand characters will actively share about HKB and ballet on social media, adding a fresh perspective to HKB’s thriving digital activities.

Completely handmade by Lau with creative direction from HKB, each girl in this original series of pocket dolls has her own unique personality, background story, facial features and stylish closet, mirroring the authentic diversity of real life ballet girls, dance fans and professionals. The virtual ambassadors visit studios and dancers, share their enthusiasm for dance and showcase the beauty of ballet—just like human beings.

Lau shared, ‘Ballet has always had a special connection for me. Like every other girl, I dreamt of dancing like those ballerinas in music boxes. As a child, I wanted to learn ballet but missed the opportunity. I believe this collaboration with Hong Kong Ballet is a match made in heaven. Ballet and crafting actually have a lot in common, involving lots of practice, passion for the arts, and the pursuit of innovation. With this collaborative project, I hope we can connect people who enjoy different art forms.’

HKB’s Director of Marketing Nick Chan said, ‘It was a great pleasure working with renowned doll artist Ning. Her craftsmanship, passion and artistry inspired all of us. We hope that Holly, Kay and Beatrice will encourage more people to appreciate the art of ballet and motivate them to participate in the HKB community. We had so much fun creating these characters and are thrilled to unleash them on social media!’

Making her first appearance as a mysterious ballerina dressed as Don Quixote’s Kitri, Beatrice was introduced as the first virtual ambassador on HKB’s social media platforms earlier in October, in conjunction with the long-anticipated 2020/21 Season opening production. The other two characters, Holly and Kay, will be unveiled on HKB’s Facebook and Instagram soon. By bringing the love of dance to life through these relatable characters, HKB hopes to make ballet more accessible to people of all ages everywhere. All three virtual ambassadors have their own Instagram accounts—follow them now!