Pam is ready for #WeRunParis


Pam | Runner

Pam喜歡早上吃粟米片,然後去跑步。她的雙手有紋身,內容是什麼呢?話說她舅父w是Nat King Cole迷,從前經常帶小Pam出街玩,結果她那幾年在舅父的Land Rover內不停聽着Nat King Cole唱 “When I fall in love, it will be forever….”,而她身上的tattoo就是為記念這位對她影響深遠的長輩而紋的。

Cereals before a run, that’s Pam’s breakfast routine. So what’s the story behind the tattoo on her hands? Well, her uncle W was a Nat King Cole fan, and for years in her childhood all she heard was “What I fall in love, it will be forever…” by Nat King Cole in her uncle’s Land Rover. The tattoos are a tribute to him.

 Pam為我星期日到巴黎跑10km打打氣。(Pam wears Nike tee) Pam喜歡早上吃粟米片,然後去跑步。她的雙手也有紋身,內容是什麼?若你見到她自己問問吧,說不定她會告訴你?